If you walk along the River Nidd at Knaresborough you might just come across the place where Brer Rabbit and his family live. Today the family were out in force across the river … chasing about playing rabbit games…in and out of their front doors… nibbling the fresh spring grass. Brer Rabbit was probably inside getting his fishing tackle ready cause he wasn’t sitting on his white 2 seater settee which was placed at an angle on the riverbank. What an idyllic spot he’d chosen… trees just coming into leaf… daffodils everywhere…soon the wild garlic will be out scenting the air with that heavenly pong.  Wonder if Brer Rabbit had ordered his settee from DFS or Argos or somewhere like that… it must have taken a bit of delivering from the road – maybe from the nearby footpath and then across the field to the exact spot on the riverbank. Picture the scene … summer evening and the little bunnies tucked up in bed… Brer and Missus contentedly sitting on that settee gazing up the river, glass of dandelion wine in one paw, carrot in the other. ‘I told you this settee would fit perfectly on this river bank Brer’ ….  Random  ;-)